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Biologist Ranking Information

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The Biologist Ranking Information (BRI) layer provides spatial information regarding the likelihood (None, Low, Medium, or High) that bobwhite populations will respond to habitat management. The BRI also provides major land use opportunities and limitations that would help or hinder the likelihood of bobwhite recovery as well as estimates on the total birds to be added under the condition of full implementation of National Bobwhite Conservation Initiative (NBCI) habitat prescriptions (Terhune and Palmer, 2011).

The BRI is based upon work supported by funding of the National Fish and Wildlife Federation under the Southern Company, Longleaf Legacy and Power of Flight programs; the multistate conservation grant program (MSCGP) via the Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program in cooperation with the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA). These data were generated by biologists during a National Bobwhite Conservation Initiative (NBCI) workshops hosted via Tall Timbers Research Station and Land Conservancy as part of the revision process of the strategic recovery plan. More information about the revision itself can be found here.

For a detailed manual on using the NBCI 2.0 Biologist Ranking Information Map, please click here.

Literature Cited

Terhune, T.M. and W.E. Palmer. 2011. The Revision. Pages 27-135 in Palmer, W.E., T.M. Terhune, and D.F. McKenzie, eds. The National Bobwhite Conservation Initiative: A range-wide plan for recovering bobwhites. National Bobwhite Technical Committee Technical Publication, ver. 2.0, Knoxville, TN. http://quailcount.org/documents/forms-protocols/NBCIver2.0.pdf.

ID State County Potential Bobwhite Response to Management Land Use Opp 1 Land Use Opp 2 Land Use Opp 3 Land Use Opp 4 Other Land Use Opp Limitation 1 Limitation 2 Limitation 3 Limitation 4 Other Limitation Grassland/ Herbacious (ac) Agriculture (ac) Pasture/Sod Grass (ac) Fallow/Early Successional (ac) Hardwood (ac) Pine/Evergreen (ac) Mixed Forest (ac) Orchard (ac) Riparian Wetland (ac) Barren (ac) Urban (ac) Water (ac) Other (ac) Potential Bobwhites Added (#)